In an attempt to pressure the United Kingdom to freeze defence exports to Gulf states, Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International have reported that a PGM-500 Hakim stand-off weapon killed a civilian and injured others when it hit a ceramics factory in Yemen on 23 September.

More a rocket-assisted glide bomb than a missile, the PGM-500 Hakim (also spelt Hakeem) was produced in the United Kingdom for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by GEC-Marconi Dynamics in the 1990s. GEC-Marconi Dynamics is now part of MBDA.

In a joint statement released on 25 November the rights groups said the weapon had been identified by comparing its remnants with those from a PGM-500 found at another location in Yemen on 4-5 November. The second weapon landed in a field and caused no casualties. […]