The United States’ long and often troubled effort to train and equip foreign forces against terrorist groups was thrust back into the spotlight Thursday, when House lawmakers weary of the Afghanistan war pushed back against calls to keep troops there.

The White House might abandon plans to end the war next year and maintain current forces beyond 2016 after top commander Gen. John Campbell deemed Afghanistan’s army and police unable to fully protect the country. Members of the House Armed Services Committee, many of them Democrats, said they are frustrated by a lack of progress in producing a capable army and police force after nearly a decade of train-and-equip efforts by the U.S. military.

Concerns about such programs have spiked as similar efforts to train forces against the Islamic State have suffered setbacks. The House committee said Thursday it will hold a series of hearings later this month looking at why train-and-equip programs in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere have faltered or failed. […]