The Shin Bet security service announced on Tuesday that it had arrested a Hamas operative involved in the organization’s tunnel-building operations at the beginning of July. Ibrahim Adel Shahadeh Sha’er was arrested at the Erez crossing from the Gaza Strip. Sha’er, 21, from Rafah, is considered to be a Hamas militant and tunnel digger.

During his interrogation, Sha’er said he had been involved in Hamas underground activities in recent months, and revealed to investigators a Hamas tunnel from the Rafah area to the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The Shin Bet said Sha’er revealed a great deal of information on Hamas activities in the Rafah area, including details of Hamas plans for times of war and emergency, and the organization’s intentions for using the tunnels to attack Israel. The Shin Bet also said that the prisoner provided great detail about the tunnels in the area, including the location of the entrances and exits, where the tunnels were being dug, the diggers and routes. […]