The United States officially asked Turkey to stop its independent aerial strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) positions in Syria until it actively joins an international coalition so as to ensure coordination between the Turkish army and coalition members.

“While we are working out those details, which involve making sure that everyone who is flying over Syria and Iraq can do so safely because it is a pretty narrow, confined amount of airspace for a lot of high-speed aircraft to be operating in … we asked the Turkish military not to conduct independent strikes against DAESH [the Arabic acronym for ISIS]. And we expect that the Turkish military will begin conducting more operations against DAESH in the very near future,” a Western diplomat told a group of journalists Aug. 6 in Ankara.

Turkey launched a small aerial military campaign against ISIS positions inside Syria on July 24 in retaliation for a suicide bombing allegedly perpetrated by the jihadist organization in the southeastern district of Suruç on July 20 that killed 32 socialist youth activists and wounded dozens more. The Western diplomat underlined that the Turkish military will soon resume its operations against ISIL after working out all the military details.  […]