It went largely unnoticed in Turkey when the U.S. Congress on Dec. 19, 2014, approved the potential transfer to Taiwan and Mexico of six frigates being decommissioned by the American Navy.

Signed into law by President Barack Obama, the Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2013 authorizes the transfer of the frigates Curts and McClusky to Mexico on a grant basis. The act also authorizes the sale of the frigates Taylor, Gary, Carr and Elrod to Taiwan.

All the ships are of the Oliver Hazard Perry class, now being phased out of the U.S. Navy. A story in prominent U.S.-based weekly Defense News said the following: “Gone from earlier versions of the bill are proposed transfers of frigates to Thailand and Pakistan. Those ships were removed from consideration by concerns about the May military coup in Thailand, after which the U.S. government canceled numerous military deals and engagements with the country, and a number of political conditions attached to ongoing military aid to Pakistan.” […]