AH-64E Apache Guardian

Operator: Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar Iraq
Status: In Service / On Order Upgrading / Requested On Order Cancelled
Number: 20 / 28 29 / 30* + 37 24 24
Cost: $5.523 billion for 34 $5 billion (2010); $3.5 billion (2016) $3 billion $4.8 billion
Acquired: Ordered: October 20, 2010 Requested: November 2010; December 2016 Ordered: July 12, 2012 Ordered: January 27, 2014
Delivery date expected: March 2015 *Status of initial request order unknown Offer expired
General Specs
Country of origin: United States
Role: Multi-mission Attack Helicopter
Manufacturer: Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Introduced: 2011
Power plant: 2 x General Electric T-700-GE-701D
Thrust: 1,994 shp per engine
Rotor diameter: 48 ft (14.6 m)
Width (total): 48 ft (14.6 m)
Length (total): 58.2 ft (17.7 m)
Height (total): 16.3 ft (5 m)
Weight (empty): 11,387 lb (5,165 kg)
Maximum takeoff weight: 23,000 lb (10,433 kg)
Fuel Capacity:
Speed: 173.4 mph (279 km/h)
Ceiling : 21,000 ft (6,401 m)
Hover Ceiling: 15,895 ft (4,845 m)
Range: 296 miles (476 km)
Crew: 2
Armament: 4 x hardpoints
Guns: 1 x 30mm M230 Alliant Techsystems single barrel chain gun (1,200 rounds)
Air-to-air: 2 x AIM-92 Stinger
Air-to-ground: 16 x AGM-114R Hellfire missiles
70mm (2.75 in) Hydra 70 rockets (19 per M261 rocket pod)
Radar/Sensors: AN/ASQ-170 Modernized Target Acquisition and Designation Sight
AN/AAR-11 Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensor
AN/APG-78 Firce Control Radars with Radar Electronics Unit (Longbow component)
AN/APR-48 Modernized Radar Frequency Interferometers
AN/APX-117 Identification Friend-or-Foe Transponders
Countermeasures/ Defenses: AN/AAR-57(V)7 Common Missile Warning System
AN/AVR-2B Laser Detecting Sets
AN/APR-39A(V)4 or APR-39C(V)2 Radar Signal Detecting Set
AN/ALQ-136A(V)5 Radar Jammer
M211 and M212 Advanced Infrared Countermeasure Munition flares
Misc Systems: AN/AVS-6 Aviator’s Night Vision System
Apache Aviator Integreted Helmet
Embedded GPS with Inertial Navigation with Multi-Mode Receiver
MXF-4027 UHF/VHF Radios
Manned-Unmanned Systems Integration Capability (MUSIC) UAS control system
Note: Formerly known as AH-64D Block III



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